Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Modeling of Power Line Transfer of Data for Computer Simulation PDF
Jiri Misurec and Milos Orgon
Design for 5G Mobile Network Architecture PDF
Aleksandar Tudzarov and Toni Janevski
The Analysis and Identification of P2P Botnet’s Traffic Flows PDF
Wernhuar Tarng, Li-Zhong Den, Kuo-Liang Ou and Mingteh Chen
Upgrading Efficiency and Improvement of the Performance of Broadband Wireless Optical Access Communication Networks PDF
I. M. El-dokany, A. El–Naser A. Mohamed, A. N. Z. Rashed and Amina M. El-Nabawy
Traffic Flow Analysis of a Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network Subject to Node Failure PDF
Shensheng Tang
Performance Analysis of Two Case Studies for a Power Line Communication Network PDF
Shensheng Tang
Impact Of Varying Channel Model Mixtures On Radio Resource Management For The OFDMA Downlink PDF
Leonidas Sivridis, Xinheng Wang, Jinho Choi

Surveys/ Reviews

Survey of Topology-based Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks PDF
Natarajan Meghanathan
Survey on Opportunistic Routing in Multihop Wireless Networks PDF
A. Triviño-Cabrera, S. Cañadas-Hurtado

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