Design and Development of Novel Hybrid Precoder for Millimeter-Wave MIMO System

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T srinivasulu


Power consumption and hardware cost reduction with the use of hybrid beamforming in large-scale millimeter wave MIMO systems. The large dimensional analog precoding integrates with the hybrid beamforming based on the phase shifters including digital precoding with lower dimensionality. The reduction of Euclidean distance between the hybrid precoder and fully digital is the major problem to overcome the minimization of resultant spectral efficiency. The issue formulates as a fully digital precoder’s matrix factorization problem based on the analog RF precoder matrix and the digital baseband precoder matrix. An additional element-wise unit modulus constraint is imposed by the phase shifters on the analog RF precoder matrix. The traditional methods have a problem of performance loss in spectral efficiency. In the processing time and iteration, high complexities result in optimization algorithms. In this paper, a novel low complexity algorithm proposes which maximizes the spectral efficiency and reduces the computational processing time. 

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SRINIVAS K, Department of ECE, Kakatiya University, India

Department of ECE,

T srinivasulu, Department of ECE, Kakatiya University, India

Department of ECE, Kakatiya University, India