A Distance-Based Data-Mule Scheduling Technique for Lesser Nodal Delay in Wireless Sensor Network

Felomino Porras Alba, Enrique D Festijo, Ruji P Medina


Nodal delay in wireless sensor network is an indisputable factor in the medium of communication. Factor such as changeability of communication devices, network topologies, packet-sizes, and transmission rate demands to develop data-mule queue scheduling technique. Our proposed data-mule scheduling technique accomplish this through simulations using standard software written in C# by controlling data-mule schedules that collects data from all the nodes connected to the hop. The scheme identifies the hierarchical positions of static source nodes and the distance of mobile source nodes from the hop with rescheduling based on the newly acquired distances. Source nodes applied with data-mule scheduling technique resulted to lower nodal delay. Transmission of packet-data is efficiently and effectively improved.

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International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS)          ISSN: 2076-0930 (Print)           ISSN: 2073-607X (Online)