Vol 1, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Vehicular Networking Pilot System for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications PDF
Timo Sukuvaara and Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez
Intelligent IDS for Mobile Devices: Modeling and Prototyping PDF
Aline Lopes da Silva, Zair Abdelouahab and Denivaldo Lopes
A Traffic Signature-based Algorithm for Detecting Scanning Internet Worms PDF
Mohammad M. Rasheed, Osman Ghazali, Norita Md Norwawi and Mohammed M. Kadhum
Link Lifetime Based Route Selection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Merlinda Drini and Tarek Saadawi
Genetic Algorithm used in Search of good Tailbiting Codes PDF
Piotr Remlein and Dawid Szłapka
The Drop Activation Function of the Fast Congestion Notification (FN) Mechanism PDF
Mohammed M. Kadhum and Suhaidi Hassan
A Wavelet Based Approach for Speaker Identification from Degraded Speech PDF
A. Shafik, S. M. Elhalafawy, S. M. Diab, B. M. Sallam and F. E. Abd El-samie
Analysis and Design of Printed Fractal Antennas by Using an Adequate Electrical Model PDF
Ferchichi Abdelhak, Fadlallah Najib, Sboui Noureddine, Gharssallah Ali
Performance Comparison of UMTS/WLAN Integrated Architectures with Dynamic Home Agent Assignments PDF
R. Surender, G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan

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