Joint Link Scheduling and Routing for Load Balancing in STDMA Wireless Mesh Networks

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Whoi Jin Jung
Jae Yong Lee
Byung Chul Kim


In wireless mesh networks, it is known to be effective to use a TDMA based MAC than a contention-based CSMA. In addition, if spatial TDMA is used, network performance can be improved further because of its spatial reuse effect. However this scheme still has a disadvantage in the system performance aspect without a load-balanced routing because the resource of links that are not used is wasted and frequently used links are out of resources. That is, the number of available flows in network is limited because load balancing is not performed. In this paper, we propose joint link scheduling and routing through a cross-layer scheme. For this, we propose a load balancing routing method to maximize available resources under the given traffic pattern and scheduling method for maximizing link utilization on the given route. These two methods are iterated until an optimized solution can be obtained. The proposed algorithm can be formulated using a mathematical LP problem and we show that it is very effective for load balancing compared to simple adoption of IEEE 802.11s which is a standard TDMA protocol in wireless mesh network. If the proposed algorithm is applied to initial design solution such as Smart Grid, the number of available flows can be increased and the load on each link can be balanced.

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Jung, W. J., Lee, J. Y., & Kim, B. C. (2022). Joint Link Scheduling and Routing for Load Balancing in STDMA Wireless Mesh Networks. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 6(3). (Original work published December 7, 2014)
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