An Enhanced Block Pre-processing of PRESENT Algorithm for Fingerprint Template Encryption in the Internet of Things Environment

Norliza Katuk(1*), Ikenna Rene Chiadighikaobi(2)
(1) Universiti Utara Malaysia
(2) Universiti Utara Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v13i3.5101


Many previous studies had proven that The PRESENT algorithm is ultra-lightweight encryption. Therefore, it is suitable for use in an IoT environment. However, the main problem with block encryption algorithms like PRESENT is that it causes attackers to break the encryption key. In the context of a fingerprint template, it contains a header and many zero blocks that lead to a pattern and make it easier for attackers to obtain an encryption key. Thus, this research proposed header and zero blocks bypass method during the block pre-processing to overcome this problem. First, the original PRESENT algorithm was enhanced by incorporating the block pre-processing phase. Then, the algorithm’s performance was tested using three measures: time, memory usage, and CPU usage for encrypting and decrypting fingerprint templates. This study demonstrated that the proposed method encrypted and decrypted the fingerprint templates faster with the same CPU usage of the original algorithm but consumed higher memory. Thus, it has the potential to be used in IoT environments for security.

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