Lightweight Scheme for Smart Home Environments using Offloading Technique

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Ahmad A. Al-daraiseh
Rasel Chowdhury
Hakima Ould-Slimane
Chamseddine Talhi
Mohammad Bany Taha


Internet of Things (IoT) as an emerging technology has been transforming the different aspects of our world from simple preprogrammed coffee machine to smart farming. Due to the human nature to simplify and ease of living, human are becoming dependent on these automated IoT devices and smart environments like smart phones, wearable devices, smart home and etc. In order to provide better QoS, these devices needs to work together and share data among them, also to the service providers and the cloud. Since these devices are resource constrained, IoT technology heavily depends on the cloud for processing, analytics and storage. But these data coming from the devices contains lot of personal identity information (PII). Almost all the time, the users of these devices are unaware of these information that is being transmitted or they do not possess the control over the data that they are being sent to the service provider, as well as to the cloud. Even the cloud services and service providers are secured but they are always curious. There are lot of security measures implemented for end to end communication but IoT lacks the mechanism for securing the data that the devices are generating along with access control. In this article we are proposing an approach for the security, privacy and access control of user data using Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) in smart home as the case study.

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A. Al-daraiseh, A., Chowdhury, R., Ould-Slimane, H., Talhi, C., & Bany Taha, M. (2022). Lightweight Scheme for Smart Home Environments using Offloading Technique. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS), 14(1). (Original work published April 12, 2022)
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