PMSS: Producer Mobility Support Scheme Optimization with RWP Mobility Model in Named Data Networking

Muktar Hussaini(1*), S. A. Nor(2), A. Ahmad(3)
(1) Universiti Utara Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author


Abstract: The movement pattern of mobile producer plays an important role in mobility performance analysis of the wireless and mobile network. However, the producer mobility behavior is directly affecting the handoff latency and signaling overhead cost. Many researchers provide analytical investigation to analyze and solve the handoff problems and compared with the simulation result. To justify between simulation and analytical investigation, movement behavior of mobile node needs to be included in the analytical investigation to make it possible to compare with the simulation-based result. This paper incorporated Random WayPoint Mobility (RWPM) model, to determine the behavior of mobile producer, for analytical solution of producer mobility support in NDN. In this paper, we introduce mobility Interest packets to conveyed new prefix or location of mobile producer, a broadcasting strategy to facilitate the handoff process and the immobile anchor router was modified to perform a dual function that is, tagging of anchors and broadcasting of tagged mobility Interest packets. The performance analysis for mobile producer behavior and handoff latency shows that our proposed Producer Mobility Support Scheme (PMSS) reduces handoff latency compared to DNS-like and Home Agent routing approach.

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