Capacity Enhancement of Multiuser Wireless Communication System through Adaptive Non-Linear Pre coding

Neeraj Kumar, Dalveer Kaur


Multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) nonlinear pre coding techniques face the issue of poor computational scalability of the size of the network. But by this nonlinear pre coding technique the interference is pre-cancelled automatically and also provides better capacity. So in order to reduce the computational burden in this paper, a definitive issue of MU-MIMO scalability is tackled through a non-linear adaptive optimum vector perturbation technique. Unlike the conventional (Vector Perturbation) VP methods, here a novel anterograde tracing is utilized which is usually recognized in the nervous system thus reducing complexity. The tracing of distance can be done through an iterative-optimization procedure. By this novel non-linear technique the capacity is improved to a greater extend which is explained practically. By means of this, the computational complexity is managed to be in the cubic order of the size of MUMIMO, and this mainly derives from the inverse of the channel matrix. The proposed signal processing system has been implemented in the working platform of MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results of proposed communication system and comparison with existing systems shows the significance of the proposed work.

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International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS)          ISSN: 2076-0930 (Print)           ISSN: 2073-607X (Online)