Performance Evaluation of LTE Random Access Procedure under Distributed Location Data Mining for Road Traffic Monitoring

Ruki Harwahyu(1*), Misbahuddin Misbahuddin(2), Riri Fitri Sari(3)
(1) Universitas Indonesia
(2) Universitas Indonesia
(3) Universitas Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v8i3.2055


The widely-used cellular system, such as LTE, has a large potential to serve vehicle-related connectivity which is one of the potential IoT market in the near future. However, the connection-oriented nature of LTE Random Access procedure remains the challenge. The RA procedure in LTE is prone to be overloaded with simultaneous access request from large number of mobile users. This overload condition is likely to happen due to synchronized location reporting for road traffic monitoring in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This work studies the performance of RA procedure under overload condition in term of probability of successful report delivery and average report delivery delay. Subsequently, two proposals are made to increase the performance: report time spreading and truncated binary exponential decrease backoff mechanism. The two proposals are evaluated and compared with the existing configuration of LTE RA procedure. Our simulation results show that both proposals can increase the probability of successful report delivery and obtain fairly low average report delivery delay, which is necessary for accurate location reporting and road traffic monitoring system.

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