Cross-Layer Routing Based on Semantic Web Services Discovery with Energy Evaluation and Optimization in MANET

Soheyb Ayad(1*), Okba Kazar(2), Nabila-Aicha Benharkat(3), Labib Sadek Terrissa(4)
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v8i1.1698


The web services discovery process in mobile adhoc networks is considered as a very difficult challenge due to the continuous change in the topology of the network and also the lack of a fixed central directory for publishing web services. Several approaches have been proposed which are based on either keywords or identifiers representing the service to be searched or by using a specific scenario of discovery. All of those proposed solutions try to respect the constraints of ad hoc networks such as energy, bandwidth, throughput ... etc. In this paper we present our new proposed model for measuring the cost of the overall energy consumption in ad hoc networks depending on the web services discovery protocols. We also present a new optimized web services discovery protocol in MANET based on cross_layer routing techniques with the dissemination in the routing process at the same time the semantic web services information and a Discovery_Diameter parameter that we have proposed to limit the area of discovery in the network. Finally, we present simulation results of our defined approach showing a significant optimization of the energy consumption level and the average throughput.

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