Spectral Efficiency Evaluation for Selection Combining Diversity Schemes under Worst Case of Fading Scenario

Mohammad Irfanul Hasan(1*), Sanjay Kumar(2)
(1) (1) Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra,Ranchi,India. (2) Graphic Era University,Dehradun,India
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.54039/ijcnis.v7i3.1314


The results of spectral efficiencies for optimum rate adaptation with constant power (ORA) and channel inversion with fixed rate (CIFR) schemes over uncorrelated diversity branch with Selection Combining (SC) available so far in literature are applicable only for m≥1.This paper derived closed-form expressions for the spectral efficiency of dual-branch SC over uncorrelated Nakagami-0.5(m<1) fading channels. This spectral efficiency is evaluated under ORA and CIFR schemes. Since, the spectral efficiency expression under ORA scheme contains an infinite series, hence bounds on the errors resulting from truncating the infinite series have been derived The corresponding expressions for Nakagami-0.5 fading are called expressions under worst fading condition with severe fading. Finally, numerical results are presented, which are then compared to the spectral efficiency results which have been previously published for ORA and CIFR schemes. It has been observed that by employing SC, spectral efficiency improves under ORA, but does not improve under CIFR

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